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In the age of the Internet, ensuring security and personal privacy is our number one priority. The emergence of VPN provides a lot of conveniences, and privacy protection is only a part of it. It is possible that you have already been exposed to VPN, but you have not realized it yourself. At work, if we connect to the corporate network, you may be in a VPN environment. Nowadays, many people have become victims of cybercrime. More and more people in the world need network protection. This guide is perfect for people who are unfamiliar or just a little familiar with VPN. Here you will learn what VPN is, how VPN works, and what benefits VPN gives us.

What is virtual private network?

VPN's full name: Virtual Private Network. VPN is defined as establishing a temporary, secure connection through a public internetwork. It is a secure and stable tunnel through a chaotic public network. This tunnel can be used to encrypt data several times to achieve the safe use of the Internet. Widely used in corporate offices, the virtual private network can also be an extension for the intranet. The virtual private network can help remote users, company branches, business partners and suppliers establish a trusted and secure connection with the company's intranet. Cost-effectively connect to the virtual extranet of the business partner and user's secure extranet, so many office workers need to establish a VPN connection in their own computers, which is convenient for remote office and so on.

For ordinary users, we only need to know that VPN is a virtual private network. It is different from the network you use for Internet access. The network used for Internet access is public. Everyone is using this network to access the Internet. VPN is dedicated. Network, through various encryption technologies, when you use this private network to access the Internet, it is equivalent to you to enjoy a network space, so it will be safer, more professional and freer.

VPN service

What is VPN service?

In the current environment, there are more and more companies and individuals come to be a VPN provider. We can find all kinds of VPN service online, no matter you need a free VPN or paid VPN with better customer service. But remember, it is very important to choose a VPN to cater to your needs. In general, you can consider these 6 aspects: privacy, security, bandwidth, server locations, how many devices do it supply in the same time and how much you are willing to pay on such a software.

What is a VPN app?

As the name implies, VPN apps that you can direct download on App Store, Google Play or other major operating systems. It's easy to set up a VPN app on your devices, what you need to do is just install the app. After that, input your login information then connect to any of the server locations. Now you can use the internet as you like!


These are probably all you want to know about "what does VPN mean?" or "what does VPN stand for". You have known that a VPN can provide security and privacy, not just a better online experience.

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